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[audio]SETIJosé Luis Tajada - SETI
SETIJosé Luis Tajada
Keywords: SETI
Downloads: 1,266
[movies]Biology & Space Exploration, Program 2: SETI: The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence - NASA
Part of the Biology and Space Exploration series. Episode 2 examines how present-day technology is used to seek evidence of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe. To license this film and get a higher quality version for broadcast/film purposes, contact A/V Geeks LLC.
Keywords: NASA; SETI
Downloads: 403
[texts]The Works Of Brett Nortje Part 29
Alien contact and Nanotech.
Keywords: Seti and nanotech
Downloads: 8
[audio]s.e.t.i. - madmonk
Electronic song utilizing samples from the CD "Tales from the Village Midiot".
Keywords: seti; electronic; madmonk; ulicny
Downloads: 41
[movies]SETI : the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. - NASA; Ames Research Center
Describes the history and current research on the search for extaterrestrial intelligence. To license this film and get a higher quality version for broadcast/film purposes, contact A/V Geeks LLC.
Keywords: NASA; SETI; extraterrestrial life
Downloads: 446
[audio]Seto Dharti 01 - Smritirogi
Seto Dharti (written by Amar Neupane)
Keywords: Seti Dharti-01
Downloads: 20
[audio]sahibinden satilik müzik seti
The sole other method to go about this would be to purchase sahibinden satılık müzik seti Individuals purchase and promote various things on numerous on-line web sites, whenever you discover the stereo method you prefer on a specific website; you need to begin negotiating the value and check out to shut the offer as quickly as possible.
Keywords: sahibinden satilik müzik seti
Downloads: 1
[audio]ACC Alienlife - The Mile High Sanity Project
Chalmer brings in special guest David Grinspoon, an astrobiologist currently with the Library of Congress, to help answer the question: are we alone in the universe? Can we travel or send messages to other planets? What might signs of extraterrestrial life look like? And is your world in equilibrium? The truth is still out there in this edition of Alternatives to Thought.
Keywords: Skepticism; aliens; SETI; astrobiology
Downloads: 172
Keywords: Seti_Dharti_7
Downloads: 2,752
[movies]The Quest For Contact: NASA's Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) - NASA
Takes a look at the proposed NASA project designed to scan the entire sky, searching for signs of extraterrestrial life. Prominent researchers comment on the probability of success. To license this film and get a higher quality version for broadcast/film purposes, contact A/V Geeks LLC.
Keywords: NASA; SETI; extraterrestrial life
Downloads: 450
[audio]Zaki Daghistani Hatim Seti -
Zaki Daghistani Hatim Seti
Keywords: Zaki Daghistani Hatim Seti
Downloads: 22
[texts]Seti Swadesh List
This document is licensed with a Creative Commons License by the The Rosetta Project. For more information, see
Keywords: sbi; Seti; Swadesh List
Downloads: 201
[image]komple hatim seti -
komple hatim seti
Keywords: komple hatim seti
Downloads: 5,669
[audio]Yin Radio 505 Good Heavens! (encore) - Sandi Billings
All kinds of explorations of the heavens: astronomy, theology, extraterrestrials, and astrology.
Keywords: astrology; astronomy; extraterrestrial; goddess; SETI
Downloads: 18
[audio]Should We Fear Contact With Aliens? - Dr. J.
David Brin and George Dvorsky respond to Stephen Hawking's warning, in his Discovery channel special In The Universe, that we should avoid making aliens aware of our presence since they may destroy us. Also, what do Americans really think about "socialism" and "capitalism?"
Keywords: aliens; SETI; Brin; socialism; capitalism
Downloads: 484
[movies]Darryl Monroe "Message From Enceladus" - Darryl Monroe
Piano and noise piece about a man stranded on the far side of the moon
Keywords: SETI; Darryl Monroe; Enceladus; Meatwagon
Downloads: 13
[audio]Yanush Vishnevskiy - Odinochestvo v seti -
Yanush Vishnevskiy - Odinochestvo v seti
Keywords: Yanush Vishnevskiy - Odinochestvo v seti
Downloads: 6
[audio]Youssef Nouh-Ahmed Hatim Seti -
Youssef Nouh-Ahmed Hatim Seti
Keywords: Youssef Nouh-Ahmed Hatim Seti
Downloads: 45
[audio]AntiCryptography - Joel Anderson
How do we communicate with aliens? How do we send them messages that they can understand?
Keywords: SETI; Aliens; cryptography; cryptograms; puzzles
Downloads: 116
[audio]072414 OS PODCAST Earth 2.0 - Open Source Media
Open Source program on exoplanets and the search for intelligent life.
Keywords: space TESS NASA exoplanets SETI
Downloads: 5,046
[audio]Habitable Planets -- Groks Science Show 2010-05-19 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
The search for habitable planets outside the solar system has been aided by advanced detection methods. What are the prospects for finding life outside the solar system? On this program, James Kasting discussed how to find a habitable planet.
Keywords: science, astronomy, astrobiology, SETI, groks
Downloads: 4,050 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[unknown]Usenet groups within from
Usenet newsgroups within "", contributed courtesy of These captures omit most binary posts.
Downloads: 40
[movies]New Brass Bird - Brian Kelly
A music video created for the cinematic-orchestral group, Seti The First.
Keywords: Seti The First; New Brass Bird
Downloads: 4
[audio]Episode 16 - Post Premiere Celebration - Our Four Cents
ep 16
Keywords: cinder; movie; premiere; our; four; cents; seti
Downloads: 154
[movies]Quest for Contact - NASA - Public Domain
Abstract: This video details the history and current efforts of NASA's Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence program. The video explains the use of radiotelescopes to monitor electromagnetic frequencies reaching the Earth, and the analysis of this data for patterns or signals that have no natural origin. The video presents an overview of Frank Drake's 1960 'Ozma' experiment, the current META experiment, and planned efforts incorporating an international Deep Space Network of radiotelescopes t...
Keywords: astronomy seti eti astrobiology astrophysics physics exoplanets
Downloads: 159
[audio]Shaykh Saud Al Shuraim Hatim Seti
Shaykh Saud Al Shuraim Hatim Seti
Keywords: Shaykh Saud Al; Shuraim; Hatim; Seti
Downloads: 22
[audio]diffusion2009-11-23 - The Diffusion Team
Rad Cooling, SETI and Augmented Reality Ian Woolf talks to Dr Angus Gentle about using the cold of space to cool your home, Marc West interviews Carol Oliver about SETI and Astrobiology, Ian Woolf talks with Augmented Reality pioneers Rob Manson and Chris Betcha, Presented by Marc West, Produced by Ian Woolf
Keywords: science; radiative cooling; SETI; astrobiology; augmented reality
Downloads: 1,834
[audio]Seti Music Rick Bishop - RICK BISHOP
Music inspired by the search for life in the Universe.
Keywords: SETI; Music; Rick Bishop; MUSIC; RICK BISHOP
Downloads: 69
[audio]Shaykh Saad Al Ghamdi Hatim Seti
Shaykh Saad Al Ghamdi Hatim Seti
Keywords: Shaykh Saad Al; Ghamdi; Hatim; Seti
Downloads: 11
[movies]New Age Web Sites
The internet has become home to many new age organizations and movements. This program looks at several examples including,, the Berkeley Psychic Institute, the Covenant of the Goddess,, and SETI@home. Shot on location at the Club I cybercafe in San Francisco. Hosts are Jane Wither, Andrew deVries, and Stewart Cheifet. Originally broadcast in 1999.
Keywords: witches; astrology; yoga; covenant; psychic; SETI
Downloads: 2,875
[audio]Abdullah Basfar Hatim Seti -
Keywords: Abdullah Basfar Hatim Seti; hatim; kuran
Downloads: 785
[movies]Otvoreni klaster u malom gradu (Vjekoslav Radisic) - Vjekoslav Radisic
Izgradnja klaster računala i softwarea koji bi pružio močnu otvorenu platformu za razne projekte kao što su: rad i generiranje kriptovaluta (; video i 3d rendering; sudjelovanje u grid computingu (BOINC, seti@home, folding@home i sl.); edukacija lokalnih ljudi/aktivista/umjetnika na tehnologiji koja je inače nedostupna; hostanje vanjskih projekata; ostalo ... Klaster bi bio izgrađen na osnovu postojećih off-the-shelf komponenti ili upcyclingom odbačenih računalnih kompon...
Keywords: klaster; BOINC; seti@home; folding@home; upcycling; kriptovaluta
Downloads: 19
[audio]Desde el sur. Programa 71 - Desde el sur. Radiokosmos Argentina
- Explosiones de rayos gamma, en el camino de las dudas y las certezas: entrevista al Dr. Nicola Masetti por Alejandra Sofía, de la Universidad de La Plata. - "Deberíamos copiar la complejidad y la sencillez del Universo": entrevista al Arq. César Portela. - La nueva aproximación a SETI: el famoso astrónomo y escritor David Darling nos ofrece su punto de vista sobre la aproximación científica a SETI...
Keywords: rayos; gamas; Nicola Masetti; complejidad; universo; Cesar; Portela; seti
Downloads: 33
[audio]Civil Radio Idogep Almar Ivan: a kapcsolatfelvetel lehetseges hatasai - Civil Radio Idogep

Keywords: Civil Radio Idogep Almar Ivan SETI kapcsolatfelvetel hatasai
Downloads: 117
[audio]Sentient Developments Podcast 20080219 - George Dvorsky
Sentient Developments Podcast 2008.02.19
Keywords: cryonics; alcor; tanya jones; drake equation; SETI; scientology; hacktivism; anonymous
Downloads: 1,491
[audio]diffusion2010-10-11live - The Diffusion Team
Live SETI Subscriber Drive edition This is a live recording of Diffusion asking for listeners to kick in a few dollars to help support 2SER. Marc West discusses Gliese 581 and its prospects for life, and the text messages sent last year from Earth with Victoria Bond and Ian Woolf. Ian Woolf explains James Benford's way of rethinking the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence based on thinking about how an alien would build a beacon and what it would look like, 50 years after we started looking...
Keywords: science; diffusion; live; radiothon; subscriber; SETI; astronomy; alien; life
Downloads: 86
[movies]Do You Believe in Aliens?
In today's world it seems that most people DO believe that there is something out there! What do you think?
Keywords: talk&interview; aliens; ca; et; extra terrestrials; seti; venice
Downloads: 8
[movies]adnansensoycom - Amme (Nebe) Suresi (Adnan Sensoy Komple Hatim Seti Calismasi)
Amme (Nebe) Suresi (Adnan Sensoy Komple Hatim Seti Calismasi)
Keywords: Amme (Nebe) Suresi (Adnan Sensoy Komple Hatim Seti Calismasi)
Downloads: 168
[audio]Across the Sea of Stars - Joel Anderson
Psalm 16:9 from the KLV - thinking about how we talk across the centuries over the meaning of scripture, just as we might talk across the stars with civilizations hundreds of years away.
Keywords: Klingon; Bible; Star Trek; Science Fiction; Astrobioliogy; SETI
Downloads: 2,740
[texts]Mineralogy of SNC Meteorite EET79001 by Simultaneous Fitting of Moessbauer Backscatter Spectra - Morris, Richard V.
We have acquired M ssbauer spectra for SNC meteorite EET79001 with a MIMOS II backscatter M ssbauer spectrometer [1] similar to those now operating on Mars as part of the Mars Exploration Rover (MER) missions. We are working to compare the Fe mineralogical composition of martian meteorites with in-situ measurements on Mars. Our samples were hand picked from the 1 mm size fraction of saw fines on the basis of lithology, color, and grain size (Table 1)...
Downloads: 88
[texts]MANGA: Asobi Ni Iku Yo Chapter 07
MANGA: Asobi Ni Iku Yo Chapter 07
Keywords: hachi; hach; sayori; parabellum; seti; trio; qoq; sgbsf; bff; nlrts
Downloads: 44
[audio]Abdulkadir Sehitoglu Hatim Seti - Abdulkadir Sehitoglu Hatim Seti-
Abdulkadir Sehitoglu Hatim Seti-
Keywords: Abdulkadir Sehitoglu Hatim Seti; kuran; hatim; cüz; Abdulkadir Sehitoglu
Downloads: 50
[texts]Folkscanomy Electronics Articles: Quantifying SETI
Folkscanomy Electronics Articles: Quantifying SETI
Keywords: seti; frequency; antenna; interstellar; signal; search; morrison; stars; arecibo; dbm; amateur seti; receiver noise; power beamwidth; path loss; modern seti; integration time; half power; frequency change; computed antenna; antenna half
Downloads: 37
[audio]Roadcast #8 de adastra - adastra
En este roadcast me dedico a elucubrar sobre la búsqueda de vida inteligente, las pseudociencias y los conocimientos de sabiduría popular. Sí, todo junto :D
Keywords: SETI; Astronomí­a; Ciencia; Carl Sagan; Pseudociencias; Superchería; Superstición; Religión; Educación; Padres; Sabiduría popular
Downloads: 39
[movies]Asteroid News
On the first day of January 1801, Giuseppe Piazzi discovered an object which he first thought was a new comet. But after its orbit was better determined it was clear that it was not a comet but more like a small planet. Piazzi named it Ceres, after the Sicilian goddess of grain. Three other small bodies were discovered in the next few years (Pallas, Vesta, and Juno). By the end of the 19th century there were several hundred...
Keywords: SETI; NASA; Space station; Shuttle; Astronomy; asteroid; comet; habitable planet; sun; stars; CNN
Downloads: 12
[audio]Are We Alone Oct-Dec 2004 commercial-free - Seth Shostak, Molly Bentley
Would a Signal From Space Change our Religious Beliefs? Many theologians welcome the discovery of life -- even intelligent life -- among the stars. But if scientists were to find microscopic Martians or a signal from another world, would established religions really take it in stride? Skeptical Sunday: The 7 Warning Signs of Junk Science The ten commandments and the seven habits of highly effective people may help you navigate the vicissitudes of life, but they're little help in deciding, for ex...
Keywords: seth shostak; seti; evolutionary biology; genetics; paleontology; technology; physics; cosmology; astronomy
Downloads: 114
[audio]diffusion2010-10-18 - The Diffusion Team
Our friends in space Marc West discusses the discovery of a planet in the habitable zone of the Gliese system, and the messages sent there last year with Victoria Bond and Ian Woolf. Ian Woolf explains Project Argus from the SETI League, Ian Woolf discusses the rethinking of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence by James, Gregory and Dominic Benford in the journal of Astrophysics with Victoria Bond and Marc West News by Ian Woolf - Glucosamine placebos - New video of Moon landing revealed...
Keywords: science; diffusion; SETI; extraterrestrial; search; extra-terrestrial; alien; astronomy; medicine; placebo; glucosamine; moon; Armstrong
Downloads: 1,472
[audio]Life off Earth: are the aliens out there? - Institute of Ideas
Battle of Ideas 2011, 30th October 2011, Royal College of Art, London SPEAKERS Dr John Elliott reader in intelligence engineering, Leeds Metropolitan University; member, International Academy of Astronautics SETI Permanent Study Group and Post Detection Task Force Richard Swan writer and teacher; former vice-principal, Harvey Grammar School, Folkestone Mark Vernon journalist; author, How To Be An Agnostic and The Meaning of Friendship Chair: Sandy Starr communications officer, Progress Education...
Keywords: battle of ideas; battle; ideas; debate; politics; 2011; public; aliens; extraterrestrial; extra-solar planets; SETI
Downloads: 37
[audio] Hamid Sinan Kur'an-ı Kerim Mp3 Hatim Seti Hamid Sinan Kur'an-ı Kerim Mp3 Hatim Seti
Keywords: Hamid Sinan Kur'an-ı Kerim Mp3 Hatim Seti
Downloads: 3
[audio]diffusion2010-01-11 - The Diffusion Team
Drinking with Aliens The ordinary guy talks to Dr Ali Ford from Monash University , Australia about life in space, Patrick Rubie talks to Joe Duncan, co-owner of the Bowral Brewing Company and Pigs Fly Beer, and Graduate in Wine Science from Charles Sturt University , Australia about the science of beer and wine News by Patrick Rubie - Oldest DNA - Recreating light - Sneaky plant viruses Presented by Ian Woolf Produced by Patrick Rubie
Keywords: science; SETI; exobiology; astrobiology; alien; biology; space; beer; wine; DNA; fossil; light; virus; plant; botany
Downloads: 870
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